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We need to clarify ‘current user’

We need to clarify ‘current user’

There is no doubt that property is the most complicated of the Cyprus issue chapters on reunification and that progress or non- progress during its discussion will determine to a large extent the prospects of an agreed solution. According to the agreement of the two leaders announced on July 27, 2015, “dispossessed owners and current

Comparing Greek Cypriot military forces with the Turkish army in the north

A new study comparing military forces in the Republic of Cyprus with the Turkish army in the occupied north, has found no significant change in over 10 years. According to Aristos Aristotelous from the Cyprus Centre for Strategic Studies, Turkey still maintains superiority but not a lot has changed since 2002, despite significant budget cuts

Reshaping Cyprus security

Domestic and international players in the Cyprus peace process agree that all sides will not be able to reach a solution without a coherent and working plan on security and guarantees. Most agree that this is a core issue of the problem and will play a pivotal role in how people vote if and when

Women for peace

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on Women, Peace and Security, called for the increased participation of women in peace processes and in all peace building related activities. Towards the implementation of this resolution, the UN Secretary General called upon all member states to develop National Action Plans, outlining specific lines of national activity. Cyprus