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Successful treatment for a Greek Cypriot patient in the north

Successful treatment for a Greek Cypriot patient in the north

The treatment of a Greek Cypriot patient who was diagnosed as having a larynx tumour was successfully carried out through a lase technique without incision in the north. The 63 year-old Greek Cypriot patient whose larynx tumour became recurrent after his surgery in the UK 5 years ago, has been treated by using the Endolaringeal

George Best was the child of a Greek Cypriot woman & a Turkish Cypriot man?

By Evie Andreou Fans of football legend George Best were amazed – and sceptical – on Tuesday to read reports that he was in fact the love child of a Greek Cypriot woman and a Turkish Cypriot man 70 years ago. First published by the Turkish Cypriot paper Kibris, the article cited what it called

Greek Cypriot teachers visited schools in the north & planted olive trees as a sign of peace

Around 60 Greek Cypriot teachers have crossed over to the occupied-area of Nicosia to visit Turkish Cypriot schools, conveying messages of peace, friendship and cooperation. As a symbolic gesture of peace between the two communities the Greek Cypriot teachers, who were accompanied on their visit by Turkish Cypriot teachers, gave olive trees to be planted

Joint education committee was ‘long overdue’

By Annette Chrysostomou THE government will have to stick to its guns in the face of opposition it is likely to face if it wants to succeed with the deal reached earlier this week between the leaders of the two communities to change the face of education, experts have said. On Wednesday, President Nicos Anastasiades

We must root out the cancer of party and church control of education

By George Koumoullis “Tell me your teachers and I’ll tell you who you are,” goes the Greek saying which should reverberate in Cyprus after the unprovoked and unjustified attacks on Turkish Cypriots by students during the recent demonstrations condemning the establishment of the pseudo-state. Most of the students detained for these attacks were from one

A Taste of Famagusta By @MelissaHekkers

Working towards promoting development while improving the climate of reconciliation in the wider Famagusta region, the Renewal Project has singled out the culinary aspect of the region in recognition of the prominent role food takes in shaping our social interactions. Currently releasing four short video-clips through its online platform, Renewal’s ‘Taste of Famagusta’ project reveals

Silence greeted radio murder confession

By George Koumoullis At 5.55pm on October 21, I couldn’t believe my ears when, on a programme on Astra radio hosting (veteran pro-reunification politician) Takis Hadjidemetriou, the following message from an unknown listener was read out: “I was a member of EOKA B and I killed quite a few Turkish Cypriots in 1974. If my

An award-winning marriage

By Alexia Evripidou That Michalis Michael and Sukran Ozerdem won one of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s Philanthropic Foundation’s annual 10,000 euro prizes earlier this week was both inspiring and sobering in equal measure. Each year the easyJet founder gives cash awards for joint Greek and Turkish Cypriot bicommunal projects, most of them small businesses. But Michalis