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Turkish Cypriot football harmonises with FIFA

Turkish Cypriot football harmonises with FIFA

The Turkish Cypriot Football Association (CTFA) approved on Friday harmonisation of its charter with that of the world football governing body FIFA. Reports said 40 out of 42 clubs took part in the CTFA’s assembly, with 38 voting in favour of the changes. “A trip has started for the future of football, youth, and the

Denktas:TCFF apply to KOP is making weak Turkish Cypriots at negotiations

Turkish Cypriot daily Bakis newspaper (07.04.15) reports that the “deputy prime minister and minister of culture and sport” Serdar Denktas made statements for the reasons he supports the candidacy of the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu for the “presidential elections” and also evaluated the latest development as regards football in the occupied area of Cyprus.

Historic moment for Cyprus football reunification after 60 years of division

Cyprus Turkish Football Association President Hasan Sertoglu held a press conference today to announce their intention to apply for membership to the Greek Cypriot Football Federation KOP. Touching on the intention by the Turkish Football Federation TFF to open a representative office in the TRNC, Sertoglu said if a representational office is going to be

Turkish Cypriots set to join ranks of Cyprus Football Association

  Six decades of soccer separation on ethnically divided Cyprus may be at its end as Turkish Cypriots are poised to join the ranks of the Greek Cyprus Football Association to bring the sport under a single administrative roof. Deniz Birinci, the international relations coordinator of the Cyprus Turkish Football Association, said the body’s president

.@SertogluKtff: FIFA has rejected Turkish Football Federation application

Cyprus Turkish Football Federation Chairman Hasan Sertoglu has announced that a response has come from FIFA rejecting the application by the Turkish Football Federation to open a representational office in the TRNC.   Sertoglu who spoke to KANAL SIM and BRT said that the response was ‘expected’ however the reasoning for the rejection had not

Erk:TFFs letter to FIFA asking permission to open a branch in N.Cyprus is a scandal

General Secretary of Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Kutlay Erk said that TFF’s letter to FIFA was a “scandal” .  Erk was speaking during a TV program hosted by Gökhan Altıner where he said that TFF’s letter to FIFA asking for a permission to open a branch in north Cyprus. TFF’s initiative was made without any

Akıncı: “Turkish Football Federation’s move is unacceptable”

Independent presidential candidate Mustafa Akıncı slammed the Turkish Football Federation’s application to FIFA for opening a branch in north Cyprus. Akıncı said the Turkish Football Federation’s (TFF) initiative at FIFA regarding opening a branch in north Cyprus by disregarding Cyprus Turkish Football Association (CTFA) was unacceptable. According to the statement issued by Akıncı’s Election Bureau

Bicakli: Turkish football federation move is unacceptable

Clubs union president Arslan Bicakli released a press statement with regards to statement by the TC Football Federation boss Sertoglu with regards to the application by the Turkish Football Federation. The statement criticised that whilst all these embargoes were ongoing on the TRNC, the latest move by the Turkish Football Federation in their letter to