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Call for applications – Bi-Communal Photo Exhibition: “Focusing on the Future”

Call for applications – Bi-Communal Photo Exhibition: “Focusing on the Future”

“FOCUSING ON THE FUTURE” (GREEK AND TURKISH FOLLOWS) The Movement for Federal Cyprus announces that it will be hosting a bi-communal photo exhibition entitled «Focusing on the Future – Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots envisage a common Cyprus». We call everyone who is interested to take part. (Deadline: 31st of March 2016). More information on how to

Federal Cyprus Movement meets with AKEL

A delegation from the Federal Cyprus Movement (which was established a few months ago with AKEL) yesterday met with the AKEL GS Andros Kyprianou and AKEL Central Board member Tombazos Celebis. Representatives from the initiative discussed the Cyprus issue and the establishment of the initiative. Kyprianou speaking at the meeting pointed to their worries regarding

Federal Cyprus and its enemies

Last week deputy Zorlu Töre took the floor during the parliamentary debate on budgetary issues in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC), making a patriotic speech as usual.  Following his performance deputy Doğuş Derya took the floor and said the following: “By reliance on a story of constant victimhood, we are always told that

Social media attacks and death threats on Turkish Cypriot politician

By Evie Andreou TURKISH CYPRIOT politician Dogus Derya has received death threats in the wake of comments she made to the Turkish Cypriot ‘parliament’ earlier this week that many Greek Cypriot women were raped by the Turkish army during the invasion. Derya, member of the ruling Republican Turkish Party and of the newly established bi-communal

Press conference-event of the bi-communal “Movement for Federal Cyprus”

MOVEMENT FOR A FEDERAL CYPRUS On 14th of December 2014, bi-communal Federal Cyprus Movement will announce its foundation. The movement aims to spread the federal state understanding to the people and invites everyone to our first gathering and to the press conference. After the press conference the event will followed with a tree plantation event