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Rattling sabers in the eastern Mediterranean #dw_english

Rattling sabers in the eastern Mediterranean #dw_english

Energy resources threaten to ramp up tension in the Mediterranean. Turkey and Cyprus have interests in offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, but issues of sovereignty on the divided island have leaders at odds. The rattling sabers were unmistakable. Earlier this week, Turkey’s Naval Forces Commander Bülent Bostanoglu told reporters that the Navy has

Turkish EU minister interview about Cyprus problem (Video)

 Turkish EU minister: It is time for the EU to stop being prisoner of the Cyprus question (Video): http://www.euractiv.com/video/turkish-eu-minister-it-time-eu-stop-being-prisoner-cyprus-question-309980 The Cyprus issue should not take over on EU-Turkish relations. The EU should “look at the forest” where there are “huge benefits”, Turkey’s EU affairs minister Volkan Bozkır told EurActiv in an exclusive interview. The trade between

Turkish maritime survey activities in Cyprus ‘in breach of international law’

MEPs have passed a resolution strongly condemning Turkey’s maritime survey activities along the coast of Cyprus, saying they are encroaching on the EU member state’s exclusive economic zone. MEPs urged Turkey to withdraw its vessels immediately as their presence constitutes a violation of international law. Turkey has been carrying out oil and gas explorations within

Turkey denounces EU resolution on Cyprus island

     Published by:  http://www.aa.com.tr/en/u/419953–turkey-denounces-eu-resolution-on-cyprus-island   13 November 2014 12:41 (Last updated 13 November 2014 12:43)   European Parliament to vote on a resolution on tensions between Turkey and Greek Cypriot administration over oil and gas exploration in island’s territorial waters.  ANKARA Ankara will not accept the European Parliament decision on a resolution on a

MEPs call on Turkey to stop provocations in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone

Published by: European Parliament Press release    http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/news-room/content/20141110IPR78127/html/MEPs-call-on-Turkey-to-stop-provocations-in-Cyprus%E2%80%99-exclusive-economic-zone MEPs condemned Turkey’s “maritime survey” activities as encroaching upon the Republic of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone and its sovereign right to explore the natural resources within it, in a resolution voted on Thursday. The text also calls on Turkey to stop its “provocative actions” and “threats” against

EP draft resolution calls on Turkey to immediately revoke its NAVTEX

  Published by: inCyprus http://incyprus.philenews.com/en-gb/local-news/4422/42560/ep-draft-resolution-calls-on-turkey-to-immediately-revoke-its-navtex   A European Parliament draft resolution on Turkish actions creating tensions in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus that was released on Wednesday in Brussels, urges Turkey to immediately revoke its NAVTEX by which it illegally reserved sea areas south of Cyprus for seismic surveys from October 20 to

European Parliament is expected to call Ankara to revoke its NAVTEX

Published by: in Cyprus  http://incyprus.philenews.com/en-gb/local-news/4422/42530/european-parliament-to-slam-turkey-on-cyprus The European Parliament on Wednesday debates the Turkish violations in member-state Cyprus` Exclusive Economic Zone and is expected to approve a resolution calling on Ankara to revoke its NAVTEX.The resolution is to also urge Turkey to show restraint, act in accordance with international law and sign urgently the UN Convention

Recent actions push Turkey away from the West and the European Union

“According to the Economist recent actions push Turkey away from the West and the EU. The Economist criticized Turkish foreign policy in an article published today in which there is also a mention of the Turkish vessels entering to Cyprus’ EEZ and how that operation also increased the tension in the region.” Published by: Economist – KP Daily

Cyprus is no obstacle for Turkey’s European integration

Published by: Vestnik Kavkazahttp://vestnikkavkaza.net/news/politics/61408.html Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again reiterated Turkey’s desire to join the European Union, stressing that Turkey wants to become a part of the EU not because it would like to improve living standards, but because it shares the values the union represents. According to Erdogan, Turkey’s entrance in

EU calls on Turkey to respect Cyprus’ sovereign rights

Published by:http://incyprus.philenews.com/en-gb/local-news/4422/41980/eu-calls-on-turkey-to-respect-cyprus-sovereign-rights The European Council on Friday called on Turkey to respect the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus in its waters, and has reminded Ankara that recognising all EU member states was a prerequisite for its EU accession course. In its conclusions, the European Council expressed concern over new tension in the Eastern