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Fear over ‘Mafia rule’ in north By @EsraAygin

Fear over ‘Mafia rule’ in north By @EsraAygin

A spate of underworld-style crimes in recent weeks has sparked off questions over police inaction and reignited the public debate on the casino-nightclub-mafia triangle in the northern part of Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot community was shaken by a slew of almost simultaneous arsons on the same night earlier this week on two auto showrooms and

Feelings of mistrust

By Esra Aygin The attack on several Turkish Cypriots by a group of young Greek Cypriot extremists and allegations that Greek Cypriot police stood by without intervening, has revealed deep-lying insecurities and feelings of mistrust among Turkish Cypriot society. “At a time when we are making such a big effort for a solution, the biggest