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Only when Turkey enters EU can there be any change in guarantee structure

Only when Turkey enters EU can there be any change in guarantee structure

Turkey’s guarantee of Turkish Cypriot safety is “non-negotiable” warns former Chief Negotiator Former  Chief Negotiator Ergün Olgun says that only when Turkey enters the European Union and the situation stabilises can there be any change in the guarantee structure for the whole island. Greece, Turkey and the UK are all still Guarantor Powers under the

Is there any prospect of peace in Cyprus? By @FadilErsozer and @MustafaCirakli

Mustafa Cirakli and Fadil Ersozer look at the latest developments in Cyprus, after one of the main players in negotiations gave a lecture in Manchester. The decades-old reunification talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, which resumed in February last year, were unilaterally suspended by the Greek Cypriot side in October last year after an alleged violation

Negotiator Olgun Ergun:T/c side prepared a road map up until end of year

TC negotiator Ergun Olgun speaking on Ada TV recently pointed out that following instruction by the President, they had prepared a road map for the talks up until the end of the year. Olgun said the road map which was approved by the President and submitted to the UN showed all discussions on all issues

A conference on the Cyprus Problem was held at the European Policy Center

The Cyprus Issue was discussed in Brussels. A conference on the Cyprus Problem was held yesterday at one of the Europe’s most important think tanks, the European Policy Centre. Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun attended the conference. Speaking to BRT, Olgun said that ways of better utilizing the window of opportunity mentioned by the UN

G/c & T/c should suspend search of natural gas until they reach a settlement

Greek and Turkish Cypriots should both agree to suspend the search for offshore natural gas until they have reached a settlement, chief Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergun Olgun told Reuters in an interview yesterday. Olgun accused the Greek Cypriot side of using gas exploration as “a pretext to continue with the perpetuation of the status quo

Yiannakis Omirou:Turkey aims to abolish the Republic of Cyprus

President of the House of Representatives Yiannakis Omirou stressed that the statements made by Turkish Cypriot negotiator for the Cyprus problem Ergun Olgun, reveal the unchanged Turkish aim as regards Cyprus` natural gas. His statements, he said, reveal Turkey`s real goal which is to exploit Cyprus` natural gas while the proposals for co-management and co-exploitation

Ergün Olgun comments on Cyprus Issue

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun has said that the Cyprus Turkish Side was not responsible for the current impasse in the Cyprus negotiations process. He said that the Turkish Cypriot Side was ready to sit at the negotiating table without any preconditions. Speaking on BRT today, the Turkish Cypriot negotiator said that the preconditions demanded

Cypriot union threatened by dispute over oil and gas rights #washtimes

 Photo by: Petros Karadjias Greek Cypriots cast a suspicious eye on the Cypriot gas pipeline project, as the EU selected a plan that went out of its way to exclude Turkish participation. (associated press) Greek Cypriots’ pursuit of ‘hegemony’ jeopardizes peace process, Turkish Cypriot official says By Guy Taylor – The Washington Times – Sunday,

Olgun says GC alliances in the region are dangerous

TC negotiator Ergun Olgun has said that the GC side has formed alliances with countries such as Israel, Egypt and Lebanon and was using it to block Turkey and the TRNC. Olgun said ‘we find these alliances very dangerous’ adding that actions such as these only deepened the ‘groupings’ in the region. Speaking to the

#OlgunErgun:Negotiations may resume after Navtex ends & Barbaros leaves on 31st of December

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun and members of the Turkish Cypriot negotiating team held a press conference this morning and said that Barbaros seismic exploration vessel was “nearly done” with its operations as Navtex ends on 31st of December. Olgun also signalled that negotiations may resume after Navtex ends. KP Daily News Turkish Cypriot negotiator