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Millions being spent in Turkey and the north

Millions being spent in Turkey and the north

Over €5million in credit card transactions was spent in casinos as well as on hotels and airline tickets in the Turkish occupied north and Turkey by residents of the Cyprus Republic, according to the latest figures by JCC. The latest figures from JCC – which provides financial and data infrastructure services to the banking and

Akinci favours Varosha Confident Building Measures package

An abandoned and wired-off “ghost town” on the divided island of Cyprus, once the playground of the rich and famous, should be reopened as part of efforts to revive stalled peace talks, northern Cyprus’s new moderate leader said on Thursday. Varosha, an eerie collection of derelict high-rise hotels, churches and residences, once drew luxury-seeking Hollywood

Turkish Cypriot presidential candidate brings hope for unity

Walking around the Old City on the Turkish side, one is struck by the age of the buildings. A Turkish bath and a cathedral-turned-mosque are centuries old. A caravanserai of ochre-brown stone blocks has been lovingly restored to a quadrangle of restaurants and craft shops. Then one looks down a side street and finds it