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Narcissism of the enosists

Narcissism of the enosists

It’s funny how history, occasionally, jolts you at the most inconspicuous of occasions. At a relative’s wedding recently, I had the good fortune of being seated amongst a family of purists’ enosists from Kato Varosha.  Although politically and intellectually at odds with their ideological beliefs, I often sought and enjoyed their company. These were relatives,

Admission of some bitter truths

DEFICIENT education and the fabrication of history still remain key features of Cypriot society. The student finishing state secondary school does not know, for example, that every archbishop during Ottoman rule was a quisling who co-operated with the rulers for the promotion of their mutual financial interest. What they believe instead is that the Church

@efenosis- Closed response to the Cypriot Puzzle: “We are all refugees.”

The following is a translation of Enosis’ response to our one. We saw, with reserved pleasure that the Cypriot Puzzle website replied to an article that we published in the February edition of the “ENOSIS” (union) newspaper. In that article we articulated an initial criticism on their approach. We believe that the majority of readers on