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Truly baffled by toxic article on the English School

Truly baffled by toxic article on the English School

  Mr Koumoullis wrote a rather toxic piece about the English School (Sunday Mail, August 23) which can only be described as the work of a totally one sided or blinkered mind. He has joined an obviously politically orchestrated campaign against the school and its board on behalf of a senior teacher at the school

English School spat goes on with demotion of deputy head

THE English School board has decided to demote deputy head Antonis Antoniou following a tumultuous period after a staff member said he had bullied her, something he countered with a complaint to the ombudswoman outlining he was targeted for his political views. His lawyer confirmed to the Cyprus Mail he had been informed of the

The English School is an ideological anachronism

ALL THE FUSS surrounding the English School teacher who is being threatened with the sack because as deputy head teacher he had reprimanded a female colleague with a “raised voice” reminds me of Victor Hugo’s well-known novel Les Miserables. Almost all of us have read the book or seen the movie about the starving young

English School board member informs palace on ‘vindictive act of vengeance’

A LETTER sent to the presidential palace by an English School board member saying the investigation against a deputy head at the school had turned into a “vindictive act of vengeance” has sparked a denial from chairwoman Magda Nicholson. Turkish Cypriot board member Sener Elcil on Thursday told the Cyprus Mail he decided to send

road to future

The English School Case Study

  By Andromachi Sophocleous I was present at the English School when Turkish Cypriots enrolled in the school for the first time after 1974 and the election of a Turkish Cypriot as the Head Boy in 2015 did not surprise me but filled me with hope.  I remember those heated moments at the school when,

Let us return to the past, it will be a step forward

By Alper Ali Riza Shortly before she died, my mother famously told a journalist who had impertinently asked her how she came to marry a Turkish Cypriot that by the time she realised my father was Turkish it was too late! She had fallen in love and according to the Ancient Greeks, whose sayings my