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Territories key to solving deadlock in talks

Territories key to solving deadlock in talks

President Nicos Anastasiades says finding common ground on the issue of territories will pave the way to solving a huge part of the property dispute, according to reports in Phileleftheros on Wednesday. The daily notes that President Anastasiades had put forward that notion during his late night impromptu chat with Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci

Disagreement remains on derogations @Christodulides

The Cyprus talks have entered a period of discussion on sensitive and difficult issues, Government Spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said on Tuesday. He told the Cyprus News Agency that during their meeting on Monday night President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci had “confirmed some convergences and also some disagreements.” The spokesman said Anastasiades

No money, no honey

Those who think that the international community will dip into its pocket for a Cyprus solution are in for a big surprise. The idea that Hungarians, who earn half of Cypriot salaries, will accept sending billions of euros to finance a refugee properties arrangement is a pipe dream. Even the word ‘refugee’ brings Europeans out

Thin blue-beret line #UNFICYP

The divided island’s two leaders were very clear that following this month’s meetings at UN headquarters in New York they will see a period of intense activity, said Aleem Siddique. “Both leaders made clear they anticipate that November and December will be a period of intensification of meetings and during that period a lot of

Funding first before any referendum

ALTHOUGH most people agree that a Cyprus settlement would attract foreign investment, boost business confidence and ensure high growth rates, little thought has been given to the financial costs of a deal. For instance, a few billions might be needed to compensate property-owners and re-house people, and costly infrastructure work would be required to start

TMT association: Akinci’s and Eide’s statements worried the people

Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan newspaper (27.08.15) reports that Yilmaz Bora, chairman of the so-called Cyprus TMT fighters’ association, has alleged that no lasting and viable solution could be reached in Cyprus without taking into consideration the “realities” experienced on the island. In a written statement, Bora argued that efforts are exerted in the direction of