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TMT and DP discuss negotiation process

TMT and DP discuss negotiation process

The main opposition party DP-UG leader Serdar Denktas yesterday received a delegation from the TMT Veterans Association. The main discussion of the meeting was the negotiation process Veterans Association president Yilmaz Bora pointed to the importance of the Denktas surname as a symbol of the state. Bora pointed out that there was a pollution of

CTP,DP,UBP and TDP says high hopes for a settlement running high

  Political parties with seats in the Republic’s Assembly spoke to the BRT yesterday regarding their views of the current negotiations process aimed at reaching a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus Problem. Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu who shared his views said that hopes regarding a settlement were high on both sides of the divide. He

UBP and DP against the new “citizenship law”, TDP and CTP in favor

Turkish Cypriot daily Detay newspaper (20.05.15) reports that after the submission and discussion at the so-called assembly of the new “citizenship law” and a “draft law” regarding the “work permits” of the foreigners and the granting of “citizenship”, the National Unity Party (UBP) and the coalition party DP have expressed their strong reaction over the