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[Documentary] Cyprus: Stranded in Time (1989) – By Christopher Hitchens BBC

[Documentary] Cyprus: Stranded in Time (1989) – By Christopher Hitchens BBC

Documentary about Cyprus issue, created in 1989. Christopfer Hitchens investigated the divided island of Cyprus.  Part of the Frontiers series. Frontiers is an eight-part BBC television series, and accompanying book, that explored the geographic boundaries between different countries in the world. Eight writers and journalists in a variety of countries investigated the economic, political, geographical

[Event] ‘Our wall’ ‘, a documentary

‘Our wall’, a documentary created by Panikos Chrysanthou and Nıyazı Kızılyurek, two people belonging to the two supposedly opposed nationalities in Cyprus, gathers historical footage as well as peoples testimonies in order to tell the story of the recent history of Cyprus through the experiences of the people of Cyprus. Greek- cypriots and Turkish- cypriots,

[Video] – Birds of a Feather – stories from a conflict zone

On the south-eastern edge of Europe, two communities remain divided on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, playing host to one of the longest UN peacekeeping missions. This documentary looks at the contrasting personal memories formed on a post-conflict space after decades of physical separation. The well-oiled narratives of each community’s official histories have left little

The Sorrow of a Photo

  The photo of Nevcihan Oluşum –the wife of Hüseyin Niyazi Hasan who was martyred during the Gaziveren Resistance in 1963 and which has gone down in history as the photo of sorrow became the storyline for a documentary. The premier of a documentary entitled “the Sorrow of a Photo” which was jointly produced by