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Cyprus problem different perspectives and how it could possibly be resolved

Cyprus problem different perspectives and how it could possibly be resolved

The Cyprus Problem has remained unsolved for decades. It has been likened in many ways to a Rubric Cube puzzle that cannot be worked out. This video looks at different definitions of what the problem is – how it could possibly be resolved and considers a number of research findings on the past and possibilities

After decades of division,are Greek and Turkish Cypriots now on the brink of a deal?

The venue couldn’t be more neutral – or more resonant. Nicosia Airport is within the UN-supervised no man’s land that bisects the island, the dilapidated Trident jet on the tarmac a ghostly reminder that this once thriving eastern Mediterranean hub has been disused and out of bounds since the war of 1974. An apt setting,

#AHDRCY to hold conference on “Historical Culture in Divided Societies”

The Association for Historical Dialogue & Research (AHDR) announced its upcoming international conference organised in cooperation with the International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography (ICHTH). The conference will take place between 18-20 December at the Home for Cooperation in the Nicosia’s Buffer Zone. KP Daily News The Association for Historical Dialogue &

Jack Straw calls for acceptance of Cyprus division

Jack Straw   Published by: CYPRUS – FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE • Tuesday, 25 November, 2014 http://famagusta-gazette.com/straw-calls-for-acceptance-of-cyprus-division-p26731-69.htm  Britain’s former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has called on the international community to accept the division in Cyprus and insisted Turkey deserves full membership of the European Union. In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Straw said the division between the

Designing a storm within Green Line won 1st prize in International Competition

 Published by: in cyprus http://incyprus.philenews.com/en-gb/local-news/4422/42385/designing-a-storm-within-the-green-line Having addressed the shortage of water and the conflict between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Cypriot fifth year architecture student Stefanos Theodorou recently won first prize in the “UIA-HYP Cup 2014 International Student Competition In Architectural Design”, an achievement he believes profiled the Cyprus problem to the world and made a

“The Past in Pieces: Belonging in the New Cyprus”

http://cyprus-mail.com/2014/09/28/the-past-in-pieces/“ANTHROPOLOGIST Rebecca Bryant’s book “The Past in Pieces: Belonging in the New Cyprus” makes for depressing reading. Not just because of the suffering that both Greek and Turkish Cypriots have gone through this last half century, but also because, as its author shows, our interpretations of the past remain diametrically opposed with little hope that

Divided islands in the world-Timor,Cyprus,Ireland,Hispaniola-mostly don’t work

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/21/david-cameron-tories-west-lothian-question-devolution?CMP=twt_gu “Divided islands, wherever they are in the world – Timor, Cyprus, Ireland, Hispaniola – mostly don’t work. Economy, society and democracy become blighted by the notion that the blood and ethnicity that justify a frontier on the island trumps everything else……..”