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Ignore the dwarfs

Ignore the dwarfs

Just minutes after the EU-Turkey summit in Brussels finished last Sunday, a wave of déjà vu swept over Cyprus. Turkey may have received €3 billion to contain the refugee flows into Europe plus a promise to restart its EU accession process as well as some visa waiver perks, but the government was satisfied; Cyprus’ unilateral

We need to clarify ‘current user’

There is no doubt that property is the most complicated of the Cyprus issue chapters on reunification and that progress or non- progress during its discussion will determine to a large extent the prospects of an agreed solution. According to the agreement of the two leaders announced on July 27, 2015, “dispossessed owners and current

After decades of division,are Greek and Turkish Cypriots now on the brink of a deal?

The venue couldn’t be more neutral – or more resonant. Nicosia Airport is within the UN-supervised no man’s land that bisects the island, the dilapidated Trident jet on the tarmac a ghostly reminder that this once thriving eastern Mediterranean hub has been disused and out of bounds since the war of 1974. An apt setting,