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Does Eide have a plan?

Does Eide have a plan?

Davos man The other day, a UN source told me that Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide has no intention of holding a multilateral conference when President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci attend the Davos Summit on January 21. However, all three guarantor powers (Turkey, Greece and UK) will be there, which might

Working visits and dirty tactics

Greek Foreign Minister Nicos Kotzias was in Cyprus this week. I have to offer my sympathies to all Greek officials visiting Cyprus, where protocol forces them to meet absolutely everyone. Apart from the President and his counterparts, poor Greek ministers have to meet all political party leaders as well as the Archbishop. The gruelling schedule

What happened as Akinci backtracked from positions agreed last July

Scratching heads Right now, the members of the Greek Cypriot negotiating team for Cyprob are scratching their heads, trying to figure out what happened as Mustafa Akinci, the Turkish Cypriot leader, has backtracked from positions agreed with Nicos Anastasiades last July. They know – and they say it – that Akinci is not a naive

No money, no honey

Those who think that the international community will dip into its pocket for a Cyprus solution are in for a big surprise. The idea that Hungarians, who earn half of Cypriot salaries, will accept sending billions of euros to finance a refugee properties arrangement is a pipe dream. Even the word ‘refugee’ brings Europeans out

Scaremongering and bad jokes

Some political outsiders are taking a tough view on the ongoing property issue being discussed on the Cyprus problem while others simply can’t take a joke. All this and more in The Dark Room… Scare tactics You would have noticed, I am sure, that there is a lot of scaremongering going on about the property

Lucky Nicos and the party poopers

Happy-go-lucky Recently, a lot of people in the governing party Disy talk about the luck, as they call it, of President Nicos Anastasiades. It’s a fact that he received some serious blows at the beginning of his term, especially on the economy front. But right now the President is perceived within his party to enjoy

Troodos planning and gas problems

Tanned and relaxed from his family holidays in the exotic Seychelles, Nicos Anastasiades comes back to Cyprus today to face a politically challenging autumn. He’s expected to go straight to the Presidential retreat in Troodos, where he will be planning with aides his next moves from August 24 onwards. I hear that one of his

Hearing problems and cricket

Politics… No matter what positive statement the Turkish Cypriot leader may make on Cyprob, our bunch of well-known super patriots can’t hear it, or choose not to hear it. The latest example is Akinci’s statement on 1974. He said that it was a war and the main victims were Greek Cypriots. He mentioned it twice

Dark Room and Ups and Downs

Well-behaved I’m told that members of the UN team in Cyprus, the ones dealing with Cyprob negotiations, not the blue berets of UNFICYP, are pinching themselves to check if they are awake. They can’t believe what they are seeing with their own eyes. The experience of having two negotiating teams that are so well behaved