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Anastasiades: May elections could be postponed for two or three months for Cyprus problem

Anastasiades: May elections could be postponed for two or three months for Cyprus problem

Briefing the National Council on Saturday, President Nicos Anastasiades did not rule out the possibility of postponing the May parliamentary elections if necessary for “two to three months.” “Be ready, for such a possibility,” Anastasiades told members of the Council. Presiding over a meeting of the island’s top advisory political body, the National Council, Anastasiades

The shadow of 1974

By Michael S. Michael When the Cyprus war imploded in the summer of 1974, unevenly matched and differently motivated forces conspired to divide the island. As Christopher Hitchens’ ‘collusion theory’ suggests, these forces had one thing in common: their fear or dislike of an independent Cyprus. As we, once again, find ourselves within ‘reach’ of

New proposal on security issues for Cyprus

Athens and Nicosia are drafting a new, detailed and comprehensive formula on security issues with regards to the Cyprus solution, which they aim to present to the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during his upcoming visits to the two capitals. The US official will be visiting Athens on November 13, Nicosia on 14, whilst

Rejecting something good to run after ‘something better’

THE GREAT Athenian philosopher Socrates had once said that “It is better to suffer injustice rather than impose injustice on others”. In the negotiations on Cyprus we are trying to do better than what the wise Athenian had preached. We are trying to strike a solution whereby there will be overall justice. It is not

There is a downside to negotiating in public

OPPOSITION parties were all gloating yesterday, issuing announcements of the ‘we told you’ type, after Monday’s extended Anastasiades-Akinci meeting confirmed the existence of major disagreements between the two sides at the talks. This was proof, said DIKO that the Turkish side “showed no desire to budge from its fixed, intransigent positions.” The Alliance claimed this

World Bank, IMF offer help for Cyprus solution

World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are willing to help by providing technical assistance to ensure the sustainability of public finances in an integrated economy after the solution of the Cyprus problem, under-secretary to the President ConstantinosPetrides, told the Cyprus News Agency on Tuesday. Petrides, on official visit to the US at the

UK will help with ‘eye-watering’ sums needed for solution

The UK is “completely flexible” about its future as a guarantor power in Cyprus and ready to help drum up the financial support that will be required in a settlement to the Cyprus problem, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Sunday. Addressing a Conservative Friends of Cyprus (CFC) event on the sidelines of the

A post-solution Cyprus education hub By @FionaMullenCY

When thinking about the economic opportunities that will come with a solution of the island’s longstanding division, the obvious sectors that come to mind are tourism and construction. The southern part of Cyprus would open up to the six million middle class Turks who travel out of the country each year looking for new holiday