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The apparition of the 1980s

The apparition of the 1980s

By Michalis S Michael As the hype over a settlement in Cyprus intensifies – often accompanied by the creeping realisation of the insurmountable difficulties that stubbornly stand in its way – we might like to draw parallels with a not-too-dissimilar period: that of the 1980s. During this period, the fluid nature of Cypriot society and

3+1 future scenarios for Cyprus

By Michalis S Michael Since the collapse of the Annan Plan in 2008 – the contention being that its finality was rendered during Demetris Christofias presidency– we are able to visualise, more clearly, the contradictory trajectory of Cyprus’s peace talks. By using the Burkean dictum that ‘those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat

Christodoulides:Cypriots will take final decision on reunification

Cypriots will be the ones to take the final decision on an agreed overall settlement that will reunite the divided island, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said on Wednesday. And that, so far, progress has been achieved on certain issues of substance but there is a long way to go on others at the UN-brokered Cyprus

Key to unlocking the solution

The Cyprus Problem has dragged on for too long and this prolongation has created a number of faits accomplis which have made the solution more complicated. Throughout these 41 years, Ankara had encouraged Turkish-Cypriot intransigence and has not played a constructive role toward a resolution of the problem within the already agreed framework of a

Hands up who’s ready for a Cyprus settlement

There seems to be a lot of chatter about a Cyprus solution – that maybe this time it’s for real. Having said that, there is a distinct lack of excitement about the possibility of ending 41 years of division and rebuilding bridges of trust. Understandably, Cypriots are Cyprus problem-weary, they have heard it all before,

‘Sleeping with the devil’

In a very controversial move, former Turkish Cypriot Leader Mehmet Ali Talat’s Republican Turkish Party CTP partnered up with its arch rival – the nationalist, conservative National Unity Party UBP –this week to form the ‘government’ in the occupied north. The names of the council of ministers of the CTP-UBP administration was submitted to ‘president’

Matsis says Cypriots should find right solution

Former ruling Disy leader and ex Cyprus MEP Yiannakis Matsis on Tuesday said that the divided island’s youth should understand this is where their future is. Talking to Turkish Cypriot media group ‘Kibris’ television, Matsis also said that the responsibility of all Cypriots is to find the right solution to the Cyprus problem. And to