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Reconciling with cultural heritage

Reconciling with cultural heritage

Reconciliation and dialogue are critical tools for fostering peaceful and inclusive societies that reinforce shared human values and a sense of common humanity. To achieve this and to start building a relationship based on mutual trust, we must promote tolerance and respect for diversity and the identity and cultural heritage of others. Based on the

Leaders to attend concert in Famagusta

THE NEWLY restored Othello Tower in Famagusta is to host the first joint music event organised by the bi-communal technical committee on culture called “Our music under the moonlight”. The concert, performed by the bi-communal group Kyprogenia, is to take place on Tuesday July 28 at 9pm. Entrance is free. Read the rest on: http://cyprus-mail.com/2015/07/22/leaders-to-attend-concert-in-famagusta/

Say it with flowers

July brings another anniversary of the 1974 Turkish invasion and with it comes all those poignant reminders of the island’s continued division. But this year there is also a sense of hope – of the type that has visited briefly from time to time down the decades – that a solution just might be on

Embracing cultural heritage

One of the most comprehensive definitions of cultural diplomacy has been offered by the American scholar Milton Cummings, who argued that it is nothing less than the “exchange of ideas, information, values, systems, traditions, beliefs and other aspects of culture with the intention of fostering mutual understanding”. Indeed, promoting mutual understanding, interfaith and intercultural dialogue

Culture and peace-building

Culture can play an important role in the promotion of peace and in building trust and mutual understanding in conflict and post-conflict situations. It has been proven over time, in South Africa, Northern Ireland, Cambodia, Rwanda and other conflict situations, that culture-related activities can work as an active catalyst in bringing together communities that have

‘Abandoning the climate of conflict’. Interview of Tuncay and Hadzidemetriou

The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, set up in 2008, is one of the most successful examples of how Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots can effectively co-exist and function together, turning its chairmen, Takis Hadjidemetriou and Ali Tuncay, into custodians of the island`s cultural heritage. The two men, two generations apart, are at the forefront

Green Line love park by @H4Cooperation

  An Event organised by Home for Cooperation: “Within the 4th year anniversary celebrations of cooperation, the road known as the Ledra Palace crossing line will be very happy, colourful and vibrant place for one hour! Come and experience this street metamorphosis during which the main actor will be simply the road itself. In the

Minaret as identity

By Evie Andreou OTTOMAN GREED, British colonial policies and Turkish nationalism are the main reasons why the majority of Turkish Cypriots are so secular, according to Mete Hatay, senior research consultant at the Cyprus centre of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). Hatay presented the results of a joint study carried out with fellow academic

Restoration works on Hamam & mosque in Paphos region completed @UNDP_PFF

The completion ceremonies for the restoration of the Paphos Haman and the Tserkezoi/Ҫerkez Mosque in Limassol took place on Wednesday with the participation of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot heads of the Joint Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage. The two projects were completed with the cooperation of the United Nations Development Programme Partnership for

Repatriation of 34 ancient artefacts found in the possession of Aydin Dikmen

A Munich court on Monday ordered the repatriation to Cyprus of 34 ancient artefacts found in the possession of Turkish art dealer Aydin Dikmen. In its ruling, the Munich Higher Regional Court ordered the return of the 34 items, 24 of which are ecclesiastical and the rest prehistoric artefacts. The repatriation process is expected to