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British court blocks Turkish bank accounts after G/c filed a property case

British court blocks Turkish bank accounts after G/c filed a property case

A local British court has blocked a number of Turkish bank accounts, including those of Turkish diplomats in the country, over another court’s decision taken by Greek Cypriots, spurring Ankara to launch diplomatic efforts against the court order on the grounds it was against the Vienna convention on consular relations. Seven Greek Cypriot citizens filed

“Shocking decision for Varosha”,fenced off city is not an EVKAF property

Under the title “Shocking decision for Varosha”, Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (14.11.15) reported that the so-called high administrative court in the occupied area of Cyprus has taken a decision in a case examined since 2012, which will pave the way of about 500 Greek Cypriot refugees, who had applied to the “Property Compensation Commission”

No divorcee legal channels for Turkish Cypriots

Estranged Turkish Cypriot spouses living in the Cyprus Republic are being left in thin air with no avenue to seek justice in property dispute cases because of a loophole in the legal system. According to a recent case at the Nicosia courts, a judge informed a Turkish Cypriot woman that his court did not have

Protest scenes outside court from flag flying Turkish Cypriot couple (Video)

By Tina Adamidou It started out as a day of hope for Cypriots. It ended up with the frustrations over spilling into tears, protests and threats. Pressure for a new charge to intimidate the couple who bravely raised 3 Cypriot flags outside their shop in Famagusta was amongst the new developments at today’s courtcase. Frantic

The Farce with the Turkish Cypriot couple and the Cyprus flag continues(Vid)

By Tina Adamidou Easter Monday, a day of celebrations and games in the south, a day of reckoning for the Turkish Cypriot couple who have been going backwards and forwards to the Famagusta court since June 2013. Since their arrest that summer for raising 3 Cypriot flags outside their shop in Famagusta, Koray Basdogrultmaci and