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Narcissism of the enosists

Narcissism of the enosists

It’s funny how history, occasionally, jolts you at the most inconspicuous of occasions. At a relative’s wedding recently, I had the good fortune of being seated amongst a family of purists’ enosists from Kato Varosha.  Although politically and intellectually at odds with their ideological beliefs, I often sought and enjoyed their company. These were relatives,

Reaching out to enemy communities after conflict

Dr Christalla Yakinthou is a Birmingham Fellow in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Birmingham. She presented at ‪‎TEDx‬ at the University of Birmingham recently. Among many issues, she spoke about Cyprus and Bosnia. She spoke about the missing people and the relations between the people of the various

Conflict in the curriculum: Is education making the ‘Cyprus problem’ worse?

 Curricula and teaching practices in Cyprus are key in shaping citizens’ identity and perception of conflict on the divided island. Official educational policies perpetuate attitudes detrimental to reconciliation while domestic political constraints hinder educational reform efforts. Education as a whole, as well as popular support for a negotiated settlement, is impacted by the manner in

Is Turkey a Liability or an Asset? #JournalofDiplo

  – December 21, 2014    Posted in: American Foreign Policy, Middle East   Turkey, counting on US support—for strategic and security reasons in the Balkans, the Caucasus region, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean—has assumed a “master of the world” mentality. Over the years, President Erdogan’s behavior is increasingly becoming more and more