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Anastasiades interview to hyrriyet

Anastasiades interview to hyrriyet

Both sides in Cyprus must work to find a solution that does not create winners or losers on the divided island, Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades told Hürriyet in a recent interview, adding that a new government in Turkey may have a “direct effect” on the talks that recent got back on track. “Depending on

Bicommunal Kyrenia Initiative proposes Confident Building Measures

The Bicommunal Kyrenia Initiative – BKI began at the initiative of a few Greek Cypriot ‬ and Turkish Cypriot residents, refugees and friends of Kyrenia ‬ in an atmosphere of common dreams, wishes and goals for the city of Kyrenia, and the district at large. The aims of the BKI ‬ centre of the harbour

A sure confidence building measure

Cyprus has been operating as two areas since 1974. Since then, several profound adjustments and consequences have set in. One of those double-sided situations is the direction and driving forces of building and infrastructure development. Both communities separately continue, in the areas where they live, to build houses, commercial centres, roads and other infrastructure as