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Cyprob comments ‘a mess of contradictions’

Cyprob comments ‘a mess of contradictions’

Citizens Alliance leader Giorgos Lillikas on Sunday called President Nicos Anastasiades to task over what he called the government’s contradictory comments on the Cyprus issue. Anastasiades in an interview with Kathimerini said a solution was possible before summer, but probably not before March but maybe not at all in 2016, or it could be solved

Ignore the dwarfs

Just minutes after the EU-Turkey summit in Brussels finished last Sunday, a wave of déjà vu swept over Cyprus. Turkey may have received €3 billion to contain the refugee flows into Europe plus a promise to restart its EU accession process as well as some visa waiver perks, but the government was satisfied; Cyprus’ unilateral

Opposition takes president to task in Cyprob populist row

Opposition parties on Wednesday tried to turn the tables on President Nicos Anastasiades who told the overseas Cypriots conference that populist slogans and unrealistic promises would not help solve the Cyprus problem. Party leaders addressed the conference on Wednesday with the more hardline among them accusing the president of being the populist and of creating

View: Rejectionists are an anachronistic irrelevance

HOW STRANGE it is see the Cyprus negotiations progressing smoothly, with the leaders and negotiators of the two communities focused on the job at hand and shunning the dirty tricks, blame games and public showboating that were part of all previous procedures. We have not been accustomed to such a businesslike and mature approach to