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Israel-Turkey thaw ‘good for Cyprus’

Israel-Turkey thaw ‘good for Cyprus’

The ongoing efforts at rapprochement between Israel and Turkey could be positive for Cyprus, according to President Nicos Anastasiades. “Any improvement in Israel-Turkey relations, provided they do not affect relations between Cyprus and Israel – and this is the explicit position of my friend the Israeli Prime Minister – on the contrary enhances the interest

Can the bailout buffer fund a Cyprus solution? By @FionaMullenCY

In a recent column Alexander Apostolides suggested that the international community could support a solution of the Cyprus problem if the two communities’ biggest creditors wrote off debt. That would be Turkey for the Turkish Cypriots and the Troika lenders – the European Support Mechanism (ESM) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the Greek

Political parties to protect developers interests 10 years ago turned down the settlement plan for Cyprus problem?

By Stelios Oprhanides Cypriot politicians have apparently lost their moral compass – a large number of them at least. With their vote on Thursday, they proved they are not serving the national interest, even as they pay lip service to it. Their decision to pass a law “in order to protect citizens from foreclosures” suspending