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Relief and frustration greets cut in army service

Relief and frustration greets cut in army service

The sudden announcement this week that army service has been slashed from 24 months to 14 took everyone by surprise. It had long been promised but never delivered, and the response has been a combination of jubilation, relief and anger that it took so long for the pre-election pledges of several presidents to finally be

Concerns over army’s future

By George Psyllides WHEN the government on Thursday announced it was cutting mandatory military service from 24 to 14 months, it sparked jubilation from those affected but also drew heavy criticism from opposition parties who – like the public – were taken by surprise. Even before hearing the minister’s explanations, the parties, though agreeing in

Cyprus government to cut down national service to 14 months

The wheels have been put in motion to cut down National Service after Defence Minister Christoforos Fokaides confirmed that a draft legislative proposal was on its way to parliament. Fokaides made the comments following Thursday’s cabinet meeting which gave the green light to cut down the National Service time to 18 months. He would not

Views attributed to US Ambassador not true

The US Embassy in Nicosia issued a press release on Monday in response to Greek Cypriot political parties who disapproved of Turkish military officers attending a social event in the north. Strong criticism was directed at newly appointed US Ambassador Kathleen Ann Doherty and her diplomatic staff, who were seen in photos shaking hands with

Two “military reasons” behind “crisis” of Deryneia crossing point opening

Under the banner front-page title “Mines and Solomos deadlock”, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (27.08.15) reports that in spite of the fact that a political decision is taken for the opening of the crossing point in Deryneia area, the process has almost come to a deadlock. According to the paper, the two “military reasons”

Army officers ponder their future in post-solution Cyprus

Army officers are highly adaptable to changes and could easily switch careers should a Cyprus solution call for dismantling the National Guard, according to a study commissioned by the Cyprus Army Officers Association (CAOA). As talks for a settlement of the Cyprus problems continue intensively, the possibility of dismantling the National Guard is a distinct

Comparing Greek Cypriot military forces with the Turkish army in the north

A new study comparing military forces in the Republic of Cyprus with the Turkish army in the occupied north, has found no significant change in over 10 years. According to Aristos Aristotelous from the Cyprus Centre for Strategic Studies, Turkey still maintains superiority but not a lot has changed since 2002, despite significant budget cuts

US revising Cyprus military standing after 41years

US congress paved the way for more American military equipment to be sold to Cyprus following a revision of its National Defence Authorisation Act for (HR 1735) the Fiscal Year of 2016. Congress had passed the new act with 71 in favour and 25 against meaning that a reassessment of Cyprus’ national defence strategy will