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6th Anti-Militarist Peace Operation Coverage [Media]

6th Anti-Militarist Peace Operation Coverage [Media]

Starting with a march from Lokmacı/Ledra street and arriving at Selimiye Square, the 6th Anti-militarist Peace Operation Concert was a celebration of the year-long struggle against the militarisation of the Cypriot society, gathering hundreds of activists from all over the island, and beyond. The artistic programme included a spectacular dance performance by Studio 21, songs

[Event] Anti-militarist Peace Operation 2015

A concert is being organised in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 14th of August in order to raise awareness on the issues of anti-militarisation, freedom and coexistence. The concert is part of our broader fight against all armies on both sides of the division line. This will be the sixth year that this concert will be held.The