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Views attributed to US Ambassador not true

Views attributed to US Ambassador not true

The US Embassy in Nicosia issued a press release on Monday in response to Greek Cypriot political parties who disapproved of Turkish military officers attending a social event in the north. Strong criticism was directed at newly appointed US Ambassador Kathleen Ann Doherty and her diplomatic staff, who were seen in photos shaking hands with

US Ambassador: Cyprus’ reunification would resonate well beyond the island

The peaceful reunification of Cyprus would resonate well beyond the island, and Cyprus would serve as an inspiration for others who wish to define a new future after a painful past, the new Ambassador of the United States of America in Cyprus, Kathleen Ann Doherty, said at a formal ceremony, during which she presented her

Russia won’t accept NATO as part of solution

Russia will not agree to any settlement in Cyprus that included NATO as a guarantor power, its ambassador said. In an interview with Turkish Cypriot Havadis newspaper, Stanislav Osadchiy said his country would support any solution approved by the people. When asked about the issue of the guarantor powers however, Osadchiy was quoted as saying

Turkish “ambassador” property issue warning

Turkish “ambassador” to occupied Nicosia Derya Kanbay on Wednesday said UN-brokered Cyprus peace talks should neither drag on for a long time nor be rushed. Because – if in a rush – some things could not attract the necessary attention and later create problems that are unsolvable, he told journalists after his meeting with nationalist