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Preparing for peace By @EsraAygin

Preparing for peace By @EsraAygin

By Esra Aygin We very often in Cyprus make the mistake of confusing a settlement agreement with peace. Whereas an agreement that puts an end to the division of Cyprus and reunifies the sides will be of vital importance, it will not automatically bring about peace. To achieve peace, there is an urgent need for

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sozen the new negotiator of the T/c side

Following the presidential elections on Sunday, Akinci’s 30 person negotiating team is slowly becoming clearer. According to speculative information received by KIBRIS POSTASI newspaper, Akinci is planning on appointing Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sozen as the new negotiator and Asst. Prof. Meltem Onurkan Samani as the Presidential under-secretary. When handed his mandate, Akinci had told KIBRIS

What does the leftist victory in northern Cyprus mean?

“The will for peace has won,” said Sami Özuslu, my Turk-Cypriot colleague who is an editor with SIM TV Channel. Referring to the victory rally last Sunday held by Mustafa Akıncı, the newly elected president of Northern Cyprus, he sounded full of hope. “The spirit of the people cheering in the square closely resembled the

SEED announces latest Cyprus survey @Cyprus2015

Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots are increasingly growing apart in cultural terms, according to the latest survey conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development. The survey also revealed that Turkish Cypriots were moving away from the tendency towards a settlement. Announcing the results of the survey titled “How can Turkish Cypriots and

Right-wing supporters in T/c & G/c communities,as well as G/c women & youth less inclined to a compromise in Cyprus

Right-wing supporters in the Turkish Cypriot and the Greek Cypriot communities, as well as Greek Cypriot women and young people are particularly resistant to a political compromise in Cyprus, according to the findings of the Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (SCORE) index, a study presented on Thursday at the Home for Cooperation, in Nicosia. The 2014