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[Video] A Taste of Famagusta, Episode 1

[Video] A Taste of Famagusta, Episode 1

The “A Taste of Famagusta” film project, aims to unlock and share the tastes and people of the greater Famagusta area. Four participants, two from Deryneia and two from Famagusta, two generations, two men and two women, two languages, two sides of the line… two unknown dishes. Episode 1: November 9th 2015 Episode 2: November

A Taste of Famagusta By @MelissaHekkers

Working towards promoting development while improving the climate of reconciliation in the wider Famagusta region, the Renewal Project has singled out the culinary aspect of the region in recognition of the prominent role food takes in shaping our social interactions. Currently releasing four short video-clips through its online platform, Renewal’s ‘Taste of Famagusta’ project reveals