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G/c press referred to it as a “confession”. It is not. It is the reality

G/c press referred to it as a “confession”. It is not. It is the reality

  Mustafa Akinci 20/07/2015 We referred to it as a peace operation but indeed this was a war. Some of us in Cyprus lost our loved ones. Thousands of us had to go through the trauma of being displaced in our own country…   When I first uttered this the other day, the Greek Cypriot

New Cyprus Party demands cancellation 20th of July parade

The cancellation of the military events for the invasion, demands with an announcement the New Cyprus Party, appealing to those who “promise solution and peace” to cancel the military parade on 20 July as real CBM. As is transmitted from the occupied areas, the parliament member of the New Cyprus Party Rasih Keskiner, said in

Project of the Century: On the 20th of July water will arrive from Turkey

  The Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hakan Dinçyürek held contacts in Ankara in order to define the road map for the Project of the Century which foresees water being transferred from Turkey to the TRNC via underwater pipelines. Mr. Dinçyürek met Turkey’s Minister for Forestry and Water Works Veysel Eroğlu. The meeting lasted