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when 1963 and 1974 never happened

when 1963 and 1974 never happened

By Valentine Stavrou In Maths class, Ismet is upset because she likes George who likes Maria who likes Nicole who likes Hassan who likes the teacher. In Lit, we laugh at Romeo who loved Juliet to death because no death comes out of love and why die if you love, if you have found the

Turkish army releases footage from Cyprus operation in 1974

Turkey’s General Staff has released previously unseen footage from the 1974 military operation in Cyprus to mark the landing’s 41st anniversary. On July 20, 1974 Turkish military intervened in the island in response to an Athens-backed coup aiming to unite Cyprus with Greece. Turkish soldiers who took part in airborne and seaborne operations, as well

Akinci: The ongoing negotiating process is the last chance

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (23.07.15) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci has argued that the ongoing negotiations process is the last chance for finding a federal solution in Cyprus and that he is saying this “very clearly and openly”. In statements yesterday during a meeting with Turkey’s Disabled War Veterans’ Association, Akinci said: “The current

This day in History | 1974 – Cyprus conflict spills into London

Thousands of Greek-Cypriots in London have been protesting about the disputed government of Cyprus. Turkish troops landed in the north of the Mediterranean island early yesterday morning after a Greek-­sponsored coup in the capital, Nicosia, last week. More than 10,000 Greek-Cypriots and British left-­wing activists marched through the centre of London in support of an

A 41 year late message

Greek follows 20 Temmuz 1974 günü Kıbrıs Türk toplumu gelenlerin kurtuluşu, özgürlüğü ve adaleti getireceğine inanıyordu. Olayların hemen ardından sıcağı sıcağına yapılanlarla yüzleşmek mümkün değildi. Hınç ve öfke, aklın ve duygudaşlığın yerine geçmişti. 41 yıl sonra adaletsizlikten dem vuranların daha büyük bir adaletsizliğe sebep olacağını, özgürlük isterken tutsaklık, kurtuluş isterken tahakkümün egemen olacağını o günlerde