Survey: Ozersay’s HP is first party & “cautious optimism” on Cyprus problem

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (03.02.16) reports that the Center for Migration Identity and Rights Studies (CMIRS) has repeated a survey which it conducts every three months to measure the Turkish Cypriots’ political-social security, individual self-confidence, happiness, ability to influence politics and perception for being able to influence the Cyprus problem. 

The telephone survey was conducted in January 2016 with the participation of 500 persons.
Mine Yucel, director of the CMIRS, has said that the People’s Party (HP) established by Kudret Ozersay and the intensive negotiations for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem have made the community feeling that it exerts higher influence on politics and the Cyprus problem.
Having 5 as the highest score, the [average] influence which the Turkish Cypriots think that they have on certain issues is the following: environment 3.48, human rights 3.33, health 3.15, the Cyprus problem 2.70, economy 2.64 and politics 2.53.
Yucel said that this development caused a “cautious optimism” on the issue of politics and the possibility of a solution to the Cyprus problem. She noted that nearly 80% of the community exhibited a wish for a solution to the Cyprus problem, but only 41% are optimistic that a solution could be reachedAs regards the way they will vote in a possible referendum, Yucel said that the tendency is clear in the community as the great majority says that they will study the agreement and decide accordingly.
Asked for which party they will vote in case of “elections” next Sunday, the participants in the survey replied as follows: National Unity Party (UBP) 12.63%, Republican Turkish Party (CTP) 10.49%, Democratic Party (DP) 0.86%, Social Democracy Party (TDP) 2.78%, New Cyprus Party (YKP) 0.43%, United Cyprus Party (BKP) 0.21%, People’s Party (HP) 22.7%, mixed votes 7.92% and undecided 13.28%. Moreover, 28.69% of the participants said that they would not vote.

Source: PIO

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