Stupidity will always be invincible

Stupidity will always be invincible

THAT STUPIDITY is always invincible is an axiom that is confirmed every day in our country, more so than in any other on the planet. It is inevitable, in a country that has been destroyed as a result of the boundless stupidity of its politicians that this stupidity would continue to reign supreme as if nothing had happened.

Some say, ‘but surely our politicians should have become wiser after committing so many mistakes’ before asking, ‘why are they repeating them?’ It is the wrong question. The criminal mistakes committed by our politicians were the product of their political stupidity. That they continue making them is the most natural thing because an idiot is unaware of his stupidity. This is what is happening with our politicians.

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  1. Pefkos RousosPefkos Rousos said:

    The writer of this article is a bit presumptuous to take the future accession into Europe as granted. As Christopher Hitchens pointed out, It is highly unlikely that Europe might want to expand its borders all the way to Syria and Iraq.
    One of the writers points however still stands, would all the refugees want to return their homes? highly unlikely

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