Statements by Turkish Cypriot politicians on the Cyprus problem

Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan newspaper (09.12.15) reports that during the discussion yesterday in the “assembly” for the “TRNC’s 2016 budget”, several “deputies” referred in their speeches to the Cyprus problem and evaluated the latest developments.

In his speech, Serdar Denktas, chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) referred to the statements made recently by Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci as regards the issue of guarantees and said that the Turkish Cypriots have seen and experienced their rights deriving from the Treaty of Guarantees.

Stressing the need for the “guarantees” not to be diluted, Denktas said that Turkey should take this issue into account very well and added that in case Turkey withdraws from Cyprus it will not have any advantage in the Mediterranean.

Evaluating the developments that might occur after a referendum and a possible solution on the Cyprus problem, Denktas said that the solution to be found should not be a solution which would create new problems.
Referring to the issue of the “administration and power sharing”, Denktas said that they want equality and added that they would not accept any other regulation towards this issue rather than the rotating presidency, which envisages for a Turkish Cypriot to be a President for 1 year and a Greek Cypriot to be a President for the other year. He added that similarly they want equality and equal power sharing at the High Court, the Central Bank e.t.c.

Stressing the need to defend all the rights of the Turkish Cypriots at the negotiating table, Denktas said that the issue of the “special areas” is extremely dangerous and called for this issue to be removed from the plans.

Also speaking, Huseyin Ozgurgun, chairman of the National Unity Party (UBP) accused Akinci for not informing the Turkish Cypriot political parties towards the developments at the negotiation talks and stressed the need for establishing a bridge of dialogue.

Referring to the progress of the negotiations, he stressed the need for the territory and property issue which were not yet discussed at the talks, to be discussed together.

“The territory and the property issues are related with the issue of bi-zonality”, Ozgurgun said and added that they should not be diluted.

Concerning the issue of the “administration and power sharing”, Ozgurgun stressed the need not to make concessions towards their equality and added that the essence of the Cyprus problem is not the property issue but the “administration and power sharing” issue.

Ozgurgun concluded and stated that in order for the solution to be viable, a clear structure should be formed, otherwise, problems will arise again.

Moreover, Tufan Erhurman, “deputy” with the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-BG) in the occupied part of Lefkosia, referred, inter alia, to the Cyprus problem and said that yet no agreement has been reached on all issues at the negotiation table and thus it is not right to behave as if all issues were agreed and are against the Turkish Cypriots.

Stating that the recent reports published in the press concerning the negotiation process constitute proposals of the Greek Cypriot side, Erhurman said that both sides submitted proposals at the table and added that those proposals are not final but are positions for bargaining and discussion.

Pointing out that the CTP does not support the position that the “the first right of say belongs to the former owner of a property”, Erhurman stressed the importance for a balance to be established between the former owner and the user of a property.

Concerning the issue of guarantees, Erhurman said that this issue is a sensitive one and added that it will be discussed by the guarantor countries.

Erhurman concluded saying that the CTP supports totally all the efforts exerted towards reaching to a solution on the Cyprus problem and wished Akinci every success.


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