Sozen: No talks till after Presidential Elections

Vice Rector of Academic Affairs Prof Dr Ahmet Sozen has claimed that the GC side will not return to the negotiating table until the Presidential Elections in the TRNC are over; the TC side’s response to this has been to extend the NAVTEX.

Sozen added that he did not see the resumption of the talks until the middle of the year.
According to a report in KIBRIS POSTASI by Deniz Abidin, Sozen said it was always possible to solve issue through dialogue and noted that the sides had not tried this. He pointed out that the sides displayed actions of power and such actions were not helpful or creative.
Sozen explained that instead of returning to the table, the GCs had brought forward preconditions; the TC side has now entered the Presidential period and Eroglu was now in campaigning mode. As the GC side did not want to make any concessions therefore preferred to wait till after the elections to resume talks. Sozen said the Turkish side’s response to this was NAVTEX. 

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