Sides should return to negotiating table rather than create new tensions

The leader of the TDP party Cemal Ozyigit has said the recent developments on Cyprus were ‘worrying’ and said the sides should take steps to return to the negotiating table rather than create new tensions.

Ozyigit said they as the TDP party were opposed to these tension building steps from the start and in order to reduce these simultaneous steps were necessary. Noting that the GC side had extended their own NAVTEX until March and Anastasiades was putting forward new conditions for returning to the table, Ozyigit claimed there was speculation that the Barbaros would return to the GC EEZ for further exploration.
He went on that tension created in the first days of the new year was not positive and hoped they would not continue with sides returning to the table. Ozyigit also said that whilst the GC side and Turkey took simultaneous steps, the TC side were nowhere to be seen and this was a negative situation for the TC public. 

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