Sertoglu: The discussions with the CFA (KOP) will be speeded up

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (21.08.15) reports that Hasan Sertoglu, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot so-called football federation,has said that after the self-styled council of ministers approved the “federation’s” work, practices and principles’ “statute” their discussions with the Cyprus Football Association (CFA or KOP) will continue from the point they had been left and the process will be speeded up. 

Noting that the “federation’s” new “statute” is in harmony with FIFA’s and UEFA’s criteria, the paper writes that Sertoglu said that their hands had been tied up for a period of 6-7 months because the “statutes” were waiting for approval. “Now we will continue from the point we had been left and speed up this issue”, Sertoglu told Kibris.

According to Sertoglu, the “federation’s” councilor, Jerome Champagne will visit the occupied area of Cyprus within the forthcoming days and after KOP’s chairman Costakis Koutsokoumnis returns from his vacations, they will hold a meeting with him. 

The paper reports that the “federation’s officials” aim at meeting with FIFA’s president the soonest and adds: “The first job to be done is the establishment of a Steering Committee. The committee will discuss the issue of how the relation with KOP will be established. The Committee will be comprised of four Turkish members, four Greek members and one FIFA representative”.


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