Serdar Denktas:“Red lines” are not anymore on the negotiating table

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibrisli (05.11.15) reports that Serdar Denktas, leader of the Democratic Party – National Forces (DP-UG) has alleged that the red lines consisted in the on-going negotiations for years now are not anymore on the negotiating table.

Speaking to the residents of the occupied villages of Assia, Lyssi and Vatili within the framework of his “enlightening visits” on the Cyprus talks, Denktas stressed that they will try to enlighten the people with the information they have regarding the negotiation process. He explained to them the necessary elements, which should be included in an agreement to be reached for a viable solution. Denktas added that the greatest mistake is to spread fear or to bombard them with hopes and wrong information.

Denktas said that the aim of his visits along the way of the Cyprus talks is to transfer a significant part of the people’s sensitivities to the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci and to progress the aspects that the people definitely want to see in the context of the plan, which will be submitted for referendum to reach a viable solution.

Finally, Denktas warned that the people will not approve an agreement that will put their future under threat, will affect negatively their lives and will drag the Turkish Cypriot “people” to uncertainty.


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  1. Giorgos CharalambousGiorgos Charalambous said:

    Ntektash and eroglu are thieves.tha “borrow” greekcypriot land and they get rich.surly they dont want solution and they will never want because they know that they will give back all the stolen land they have.this is the only reason he dont want solution.

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