Sener Levent:We still not find out who committed the “crime of the bathroom”

Writing in his column in Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (04.01.15), Sener Levent continues a series of articles regarding the murder of the wife and the three children of a Turkish army major in a house at Kumsal area of Nicosia in [December] 1963. Levent reports that we have not been able to definitely find out until today who committed this crime. At the front page of his paper Levent covers the issue under the title “50 years of lies”, pointing out that those who know something about the issue do not talk and it cannot be understood who is lying and who is not lying. 
Levent writes, inter alia, the following in his column: 
“We do not say that this [crime] was committed by Turkish extremists in order to secure Turkey’s intervention in the island. The official propaganda says that this is a barbarity of the Greeks. If the Greeks are really the ones who did this, we are investigating how this was done. The Greek Cypriot national guards, who captured everyone as hostage, killed nobody else that night at Kumsal [area] except for Erdogan Rifat who had come in front of them with a hunting rifle. Why they killed this mother and her children? There are more questions like this. Were they killed in the bath or outside the bath? The official propaganda says that they were killed in the bathtub in which they hide. However, the picture we obtained and published fifty years afterwards proves that they were not killed in the bathtub. There is no blood in the bath! 
We obtained now this picture and we published it now. If we had found it earlier we would have published it earlier. 
Who had taken the picture we published? Yesterday we found out that it was ‘Foto Osman Rekor’. Osman Rekor is one of our oldest and experienced photographers and journalists. He has a very wealthy archive. Photographs which have not been published anywhere. Thousands of photographs. Does he have other pictures taken from the crime in the bath? I do not know that. If someone buys his archive, maybe we will find out then.

“Greek Barbarism in Cyprus: Bloody Christmas of 1963” (Video):



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