Self-styled foreign ministry criticizes and condemned Eide remarks on the issue of guarantees


Bayrak television (29.07.17) broadcast that the self-styled “foreign ministry” issued a statement yesterday on two important issues.

It condemned the remarks made by UN Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide stating that the Treaty of Guarantees and Turkey’s right to intervention must end immediately. The self-styled ministry stated that the UN Special Envoy’s remarks “not only violated the principle of impartiality of the Good Offices Mission, but also completely ignored the historical facts on the Island, and thus exceedingly overstepped his authority which entails non-interference on substantive issues.”

Also touching upon the UN Resolutionwhich extended the mandate of UNFICYP on the island for a further 6 months, the statement alleged that “reference made to the so-called Republic or so-called government of Cyprus in the Resolutiondid not reflect the realities on the island and was unacceptable for the Turkish Cypriot side”.

Claiming that “the Greek Cypriot administration had no authority or jurisdiction over north Cyprus”, the statement pointed out that it was clear that “the TRNC had its own administration or officials and that the Greek Cypriots did not represent the Turkish Cypriots in any manner”

The “ministry’s” statement also alleged that “it was not possible for the United Nations which treated one of the two equal sides on the island as the ‘state’ and the other as a ‘community’ to be impartial”.

Source: PIO

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