Scaremongering and bad jokes


Some political outsiders are taking a tough view on the ongoing property issue being discussed on the Cyprus problem while others simply can’t take a joke. All this and more in The Dark Room…

Scare tactics

You would have noticed, I am sure, that there is a lot of scaremongering going on about the property issue on both sides. Greek Cypriot hardliners pile up the fear factor by saying that the current users of properties will have the same rights with the original owners. Their Turkish Cypriot counterparts are scaring people with the exact opposite line. They scream that users will be thrown out by the owners no matter what. Their campaign was initially successful in the north, with terrified users of Greek Cypriot properties (and they are many) saying they couldn’t support such provisions in a referendum. Fortunately, people in the north, like Emine Colak (the “foreign minister”), have started hitting back, pointing out that negotiations on property have just started, nothing has been decided and there is no need for panic.

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