The religious courses should not be compulsory


Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (09.05.17) under the front-page title: “The religious courses should not be compulsory”, reports that the regime’s ombudsperson Emine Dizdarli, said in a report that the “religious courses in the TRNC should not be compulsory”. The paper describes the report like a slap for the so-called ministry of education.

Pointing out that the “textbooks for religious cultures and moral knowledge” which were transferred from Turkey after being re-written by stages and based on age-groups, Dizdarli underlined to the fact that “there is no alternative education for children with different religious beliefs or for children with no religious beliefs. For these reasons, the religious courses should not be compulsory but selective”, Dizdarli said.

The so-called ombudsperson has also criticized the so-called ministry of education of acting against the “charter of fundamental rights” and the principles of religious freedom, as it is envisages by the “constitution”. “The education provided in all schools is towards the direction of Sunni Islam. This is contrary to the principle of equality of the constitution”, Dizdarli further stated.

Source: PIO

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