Rejecting something good to run after ‘something better’

Rejecting something good to run after ‘something better’

THE GREAT Athenian philosopher Socrates had once said that “It is better to suffer injustice rather than impose injustice on others”.

In the negotiations on Cyprus we are trying to do better than what the wise Athenian had preached. We are trying to strike a solution whereby there will be overall justice. It is not an easy objective. Because each negotiating side views justice from its own angle, especially after the lapse of so many years…

If one goes back sixty years to check and examine carefully the so many sins and blunders of the two communities over the years, he will underscore two basic crimes and two fatal errors.

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  1. alphami2013alphami2013 said:

    overall justice by equating the 18% with 82%? Come on give me a break! This bullshit didn’t work in the past won’t work in f

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