Referendum should be taken out of the peace process

Referendum should be taken out of the peace process

AS REGULAR readers will know, I consider the provision for referendums the biggest mistake in the procedure for reaching a solution to the Cyprus problem.

I admit that, initially, I had thought them a good idea because I had failed to realise the decisive role that could be played by the variety of political and economic interests as well as by the public attitudes cultivated in the years after 1974. This was all brought home during the referendum of 2004, and I am certain we would see a repeat if we have to vote on a peace plan again.

What is it all about? Quite simply, a very large number of people (much more so in the Greek Cypriot community) has developed a ‘partition conscience’ if I could describe it as such. For many and different reasons that I have analysed in the past, they have accepted partition as the best possible solution. “We should stay as we are,” they say.

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  1. Duke St. MamasDuke St. Mamas said:

    WHAT THE FUCK?!! Cyprus is a REPUBLIC. The PEOPLE are Sovereign! It’s THEIR nation and THEIR right to decide! NOT US/UK/UN!

  2. Duke St. MamasDuke St. Mamas said:

    This post made me so mad… I cannot believe people are so openly and blatantly disrespecting the citizens.

  3. Duke St. MamasDuke St. Mamas said:

    The citizens of Cyprus don’t agree with the US/UK/UN/RoT agenda??? THAT’S OK! WE WILL JUST **IGNORE** THEM!!!

  4. Yiangos StylianouYiangos Stylianou said:

    You cannot remove the right of the people to decide the fate of their country so a number of people can decide what’s best for their own interests.
    If they want success in the next referendum then they should work hard to explain it to the people.

  5. Shahin ShekerzadeShahin Shekerzade said:

    I agree, democracy is based upon political representation, these politicians are supposed to represent the populace. I’m not saying that the Cyprus problem shouldn’t be dealt with but a referendum really makes things black and white as to what the people want. Just because a few or two lol politicians may want reunification it does not necessarily mean the people want it, the other day a Greek Cypriot mate of mine shared a pic which I will attach now, was very hurtful and when I replied on the post about peace and let’s think of our children I got comments like die turk die and we will never forgive and we will never forget
    Your people don’t belong here, this is a Greek island, after speaking to my old man and mum who are political liberals and have nothing against Greek people at all they were quite pessimistic, it will never happen said dad, rhe larger powers need an unstable Cyprus for control of the region, not a stable United country, my mother who recalled her child hood trauma of hiding in a bunker as turkish troops arrived to rescue the Turkish Cypriots said they i.e the Greeks hate us and don’t want us, that will never change and we feel that as long as they feel that way we don’t want peace either, also both sides are very scared of changing the status quo, they are petrified of possible consequences. Such a shame, in the name of humanism reunification should prevail, but the masses don’t want this to happen,

  6. HasoHaso said:

    if thats will of ppl so b it. Reinforces grassroots movmnt 4 #CypriotChallenge 2say “GC&TCs political equals” basis4solution

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