Reddediyouz Platform will start again its protests


Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (11.08.17) reports that Zeki Celer, so-called deputy with the Social Democracy Party (TDP) from Keryneia, said yesterday that the Reddediyoruz (We Are Rejecting) Platform will start again its activities. In statements yesterday at the “assembly”, the Platform announced that they are rejecting every move which aims at spoiling secularism, equality and their cultural identity.

Except for Celer, Dogus Derya and Fazilet Ozdefne, so-called deputies with the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), were also present at the press conference.

The representatives of the Platform noted that the community has been divided because of the youth camps which came onto the agenda recently, the Koran courses and various statements and added that they will oppose everyone who discriminates based on people’s religion, language, race, doctrine, sexual orientation and ethnic origin.

Source: PIO

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