Ready to discuss Confidence Building Measures if Akinci is elected

GC president Anastasiades has said that if independent candidate Akinci is elected in the second round of elections, he is prepared to discuss the Confidence Building Measures such as the opening of Varosha.

According to GC newspapers POLITIS and other GC media, Anastasiades speaking on a radio programme touched on the presidential elections in the TRNC and responded to questions on the Cyprus issue and natural gas.

It’s reported that whilst Anastasiades refrained from making any statements on the developments in the north, he did say that if Akinci is elected he is prepared to discuss confidence building measures such as Varosha.


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  1. James Ker-LindsayJames Ker-Lindsay said:

    This is really bad news, not good. CBMs have always been a distraction. Must be ready to discuss a solution! @CostaConstanti

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