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Reactions by Turkish Cypriot parties to the failure of the Cyprus talks in Crans-Montana - The Cypriot Puzzle

Reactions by Turkish Cypriot parties to the failure of the Cyprus talks in Crans-Montana


Under the title “Don’t expect to become a patch to the Greek Cypriots”, Turkish Cypriot daily Gunes newspaper (13.07.17) reports that Dursun Oguz, “deputy” with the National Unity Party (UBP) said that the Turkish Cypriots should act according to the “realities” and based on the knowledge regarding what the Greek Cypriots want. He added: “The Cyprus talks have been continuing for 42 years now, we have not died. We take measures on the economic field and utilize them in order for the country to be viable”.

Speaking on the Turkish Cypriot private channel Kibris TV, Oguz stressed that as “prime minister” Ozgurgun had already said, “we would not become a patch to the Greek Cypriots”. He added: “However, we are not the 82nd Turkish province. There is a state that will live in the world and the Turkish Cypriots will stand on their own feet”.

Moreover, Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris newspaper (13.07.17) reports that Erhan Arikli, leader of the Revival Party (YDP) (translator’s note: the political party of the Turkish settlers in the occupied area of Cyprus), argued that the 50 year negotiation process ended in Crans-Montana and that the Turkish Cypriots have new alternatives and parameters before them. Arikli claimed that there were some circles in Cyprus who had not yet accepted the reality that the federation thesis had collapsed. He claimed that those persons belonged to the political and commercial circles and were the “solution artisans”. He said that “nothing will be the same again in the TRNC and now they will implement plan B. Political parties, institutions and organizations should accept this reality”.

Meanwhile, Murat Kanatli, the general Secretary of the New Cyprus Party (YKP), commenting on the latest stage of the Cyprus talks, argued that it would take strength for the UN to say that they would completely withdraw from the negotiation process. Kanatli said that the document, which the UN submitted and was described as a “framework proposal”, could not be ignored by those who wanted solution within the framework of the UN parameters. Kanatli further said: “We should end the unilateral intervention right and the Treaty of guarantees. We should take a new security system that all the Cypriots will feel secure with” and added that they, as YKP, thought that those who wanted the continuation of the unilateral intervention right, did not want solution.

Source: PIO

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