Properties dispute threatening to derail talks


Talks on the Cyprus problem remain up in the air with Phileleftheros sources reporting on Monday that negotiations could hit a brick wall if no compromise is found over the controversial issue of properties.

The daily was reporting on Monday that failure to find headway on that specific topic could derail other issues that are directly connected to properties such as territories and the issue of Turkish settlers. This disagreement has already worried the top brass at the UN including Special Envoy to Cyprus Espen Barth Eide.

The issue of properties will be top of the agenda when President Nicos Anastasiades meets with Akinci on Friday.

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  1. HasoHaso said:

    that’s just an excuse. Fact is if no public grassroots acknowledgment that GC/TCs political equals then no unification.

  2. PeekaPPeekaP said:

    was always going to be difficult.Each situation has to be looked at separately. in favour introducing a committee solution.

  3. Glafkos CariolouGlafkos Cariolou said:

    prop “Dispute”? Turkey “guaranteed” stolen GC prop on T Army bayonets! Are EU citizens blackmailed not to dispute that?!

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