Press conference-event of the bi-communal “Movement for Federal Cyprus”


On 14th of December 2014, bi-communal Federal Cyprus Movement will announce its foundation. The movement aims to spread the federal state understanding to the people and invites everyone to our first gathering and to the press conference. After the press conference the event will followed with a tree plantation event for all the victims of the Cyprus Problem. Everyone is invited.

Place : Agios Sozomenos / Arpalık Village
Date: 14 December 2014
Time: 11.00
Contact: 96672036 or 0533 886 1424 

For more information’s Facebook Event Page:


We the citizens of Cyprus, who consider the whole of the island as the Common Homeland of all people
independent of their ethnic, political and social identities, and are committed to live together under a
federal state based on principles of justice, equality and democracy, took the initiative and joined our
efforts to encourage the establishment of a federal state in Cyprus which will terminate the status – quo.
We raise our voice against separatist tendencies and against tendencies of the ethnic domination. We
commit ourselves to unity through diversity and support the idea of living together in a pluralistic society. 

Neither the de-facto situation, which began with Greek Cypriots governing the Republic of Cyprus on their
own in 1964, nor the de-facto situation established following the displacement of Greek Cypriots from
northern part of the island by force of arms and oppression in 1974 is not acceptable to us. The historical
and political realities of our country are not convenient neither for the establishment of a unitary state
based on the will of the majority ethnic group nor for the two separate states. “Sovereignty wars” based
on ethnicity are doomed to lead to further conflicts and impasses. This is why, we embarked our initiative
in order to help for establishing a Federal Cyprus beyond ethnic antagonisms, where individual citizens
will not be categorized and discriminated on the bases of their ethnicity, language, religion, physical
condition, place of birth, sex, sexual orientation, class or age. 

Bearing in mind that a United Federal Cyprus would advance on the foundations of cooperation and
solidarity between the different sections of the population and not on ethnic antagonisms, we reject all
sorts of attitudes and speech acts which lead to antagonism, hatred, resentment, alienation and hostility. 

We know that, in order to establish the United Federal Cyprus, we need to challenge the prevailing
perceptions. We need to move away from our “absolute truths” and face and acknowledge the realities of
the “others”. This would be possible through developing and implementing confidence-building measures
and encouraging the interaction between all sections of the population in all spheres of life. On that
account, we plead and encourage close cooperation and open dialog among the members of the ethnic

We do not regard the future society of Federal Cyprus as a “Society of Destiny” but as a “Society of Will”
whose members have the willpower and deliberation to live together in the common homeland of Cyprus
with respect to difference and otherness. Federal Cyprus is a union, based on fundamental human rights
and respecting human dignity, standing firm on the principles of societal justice and political equality,
where the rights of the individual citizens as well as the collective rights of the ethnic groups will be
respected. We would hereby like to announce publicly that as the Movement for Federal Cyprus we
commit ourselves to work constantly and actively for the foundation of a federal political union in Cyprus
and undertake firm action towards this end. 


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