Preparatory meeting in Brussels on EU preparation of the Turkish Cypriot community

Pieter Van Nuffel, Legal Advisor in the Legal Service and President Juncker`s Personal Representative to the UN Good Offices Mission in Cyprus, had an preparatory inter-service meeting on Monday with representatives from different Directorates General in the Commission, aiming to prepare the start of the work of the `Bi-communal Ad Hoc Committee on EU Preparation` which will examine the state of preparation of the Turkish Cypriot community with respect to all areas of the EU acquis.
According to European Commission source, “We expect the Committee to be able to take up work towards the end of October and then have regular meetings in order to “institutionalise” the European Commission’s support to the preparation of the reunification of Cyprus and the application of the EU acquis after the settlement”.
For that purpose, this Committee will – once it starts convening – invite European Commission experts to present the relevant acquis, the source added. These will be experts from all EU policy areas who can explain the acquis and enter further into discussion with the Turkish Cypriots on what is concretely needed to be fully prepared to implement the acquis in the relevant area. The meeting was meant to prepare the launch of this process, according to the same source.
Source: CNA

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